Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Its been awhile!!!

Groesbeck girls
Kara and her favorite brother
Going to Cody's work Christmas party

 Cody and I started working full time last month and that is why the blog has been neglected. We are very sorry:) And sometimes its more fun to look at everyone elses blog rather than updating your own:) 

We had a wonderful Christmas!!! This was was mine and Cody's first Christmas together! And also my first Christmas away from my family. So a little bittersweet. But Cody's family is so great I forgot about being a little home sick. 
So you might not feel quite as bad for me because my family ended up coming the saturday after Christmas and spent a couple of days with me. It was short but great. We got to play games and watch movies together; I cut everyone's hair and my parents got to see where we are living and meet the people in our ward!