Sunday, April 25, 2010


Its official, we are home owners! We closed on Friday, and now we are poor:) lol
I am so exited, the process was LONG, especially trying to get a loan, the company we used was DUMB! I might have wanted to yell at them many times.
Here are some pics of the house of how we are getting it. Dont worry though we will be doing a lot of work to upgrade the house.

:) dont you love the paint.
Lots and lots of cabinets
Green countertops:)
Fire place
Green wall, which I have no idea how im going to paint.
Basement kitchenette
Basement living room
Backyard patio
There isnt any photos of bedrooms or baths. But there is 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. Its 2800 sqf. I have know idea how we are going to fill the house with stuff, I told Cody we need to start having babys to fill all the bedrooms:) he laughed. Im exited to get decorating. Ill keep you posted on the progress.