Thursday, January 30, 2014


Whats better than Thanksgiving with family? 
Thanksgiving in Mexico with Family!!
Grandma Pat and Grandpa Glen took all the Markhams to Cabo. It was AMAZING! 

The trip started nice and early! I think we had to wake up at 430 am to catch our plane.

 Playing in the ocean!!

Grandmas are the best! She helped out so much with the kids!
 First strawberry daquari. He was a fan!

 haha, Trey was naked the hole time to keep him cooled off and he loved it! 

 Baby Kenna eatin some baby corn:)

 Cooper LOVES Vicky! She is amazing!
Ky and Cooper!!

 Trey taking his daily bath in the sink:) His crib was in the bath tub so it was just easier to use the sink:)

 Yes that is POOP! Biggest blow out I have ever seen
 Cooper join a children group on stage one night and had a giant Winnie the pooh scare the crap out of him. He was terrified. Luckily the clown save him and he did not leave her side!

Nighly card games with them family!

I love this photo! Cody and I went jet skying and left Trey with Pat and Glenn. I was worried he would be a little fussy because I knew nap time was coming. What do we come back to? Sleeping baby:) So cute!!

 Nightly feast with the best food ever!! We definitely ate our share a food and it was so worth it!

 Papa is the best!!

 Amanda and Trey! Everyone was so nice to play with our kids! I hope it made them want kids vs maybe a little birth control

 This baby can sleep almost anywhere. He was such a trooper and travel so well. 

 Cody Shane, Ky, Ryan and Ed did the amazing Cabo race and had a blast. Cody is still mad he miscalculated on the last destination and lost:(

 Haha, oh the double stroller! This thing is huge I told Cody we HAD to take it and we seriously only used it once. 
 Oh nursing can be so annoying when you are in public! Luckily Cooper let me borrow his shirt to try and cover me up.

Wes and Vicky with the kids!