Saturday, December 17, 2011

9 months old

I just realized all of my pictures I have taken of Cooper these last few weeks are of him in his high chair. I think it is because this is the only time he is holding still:) 
NINE MONTHS OLD!!! He is SO MUCH FUN!!! I cant believe how much I love have taking care of this little guy. The other day Cody mentioned how nice it will be when all of the kiddos we have will be raised and out of the house and I got really sad even got a little choked up thinking about it. He laughed and said don't worry it will be a very long time before that happens.
Here are a few of the thing I want to remember about 9 months...
-He is busy crawling everywhere, he really never stops unless he is sleeping
-He may think he is a dog:) I am constantly catching eating dog food and chewing on the dogs bones. I even catch my self telling him to sit and stay:)
-He is pointing and waving a lot. 
-He LOVES girls:) My little YW class at church cant get enough of him and he loves every minute of the attention
-Down to two naps everyday. 10 and 3
-He is starting to get really silly and will do things just to make me laugh.
-He LOVE dogs! We currently have 3 dogs at our house and he chases them all day long
-This little boy can EAT!! He has a huge appetite. I am always amazed at how much food he puts away
-He is big too! He has not been weighed in a while but I'm sure he is at least 25lds. He is wearing his 12-18 month clothes

Christmas party

Once again I am horrible at taking pictures!! I even brought my camera to the party but left it in the car:(  But what a fun Christmas party. It was for Codys work, he just signed on with a new company a couple of months ago and so I really didnt know anyone but it was still a lot of fun! We had the most AMAZING dinner, I am getting hungry just thinking about it! Here are a few pictures documenting the night.

Friday, December 2, 2011


Five days in AZ for Thanksgiving! It was so fun! We spent the holidays at Codys sisters house in Gilbert with his family. It was so fun, I now want to move to there. The week was full of lots of eating, shopping, games, football, hiking, dog walking and hanging out. Its always a good time when we get together. It was a great trip, we cant wait to go back!
 Coop did awesome on the plane rides. He even took a little nap!

 Hand and Foot a family favorite!!

 Hiking camelback Mt. Im really glad we left the baby home with grandma, it was a steep hike.

 Getting the hair done:)


 Family Photos

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I really really doubt that this is a comfortable position to sleep! The first time I found him like this I figured he just couldn't figure out how to lay down and he ended up falling asleep like that. But that was a month ago and he continues to fall asleep like this A LOT! Lets hope he grows out of it:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

8 months old

Our little Cooper is 8 months old tomorrow!! There has been a lot of change this month, I feel like he is no longer baby anymore. He is so independent and wants to explore everything!
 Some things I want to remember...
- He got his first tooth this month! Actually 2 of them popped through. I am not a fan of the hole teething baby thing. He will be SO fussy the day before a tooth pops through and the next day when I see the tooth it all makes sense. 
-HE IS CRAwLING!! Everywhere!! It is so fun to see him cruisin around the house. He is a curious little guy and he is supper fast too. I now understand the phrase "baby proffing" your house a hole lote better:)
-He is down to 2 naps!! Halelujah. I thought he would never be down to 2 naps. I love it! He is a lot better at being able to stay up longer too. Before if he was tired watch out! I needed to find a crib fast! Now he is a lot easier to distract, give him a new toy or hold him and I can distract him. It makes church so much better!
-Our new game is to blow raspberrys at each other. He does this by putting his bottom lip over his top and blowing. It is so cute! He does it all the time and then laughs after he does it:)
-sorry this is probably TMI but he is now a pooping machine! He use to poop seriously once every two weeks! It was great. Now sense he is eating solid he is going 3-4 times a day! I have to buy so many more diapers.
-This little boy can EAT!! I am always so suprised at how much he will eat. He is definately not a picky eater.

Im loving this age!! LOVE you Coop!


We are pretty lame when it comes to halloween costumes, I think Cody and I have use this costume 3 years in a row:) But we have been in three different wards so it has worked out. And this year we added a "football" to the costume aka Cooper! It was a great halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Motherhood is not a hobby,
It is a calling. 
You do not collect children 
because you find them cutter than stamps.
Its not something you do if you can squeeze the time in.
It is what God gave you time for!
*Neil Anderson*

I love conference!! I'm amazed at how at each conference session I listen to there is always a talk that has been written just for me! :) After having Cooper there have been a few hard days where I think, this is it! Cooper is going to be an only child:) 
I am grateful for talks like Brother Anderson gives to remind me that this is why I am here and this is what Gods wants me to be doing! I will need to frame this quote to remind me when the next hard day comes:) 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Messy Eater

I swear every time I feed Cooper I have to give him bath. I have know idea how it get everywhere!!

Favorite toy

Coops favorite toy right now is his binky! Its so cute how he plays with it. He will carefully put his thumb in the little hole and chew on the nipple part. He has know idea how to suck on it, he is to funny:)

Fall Hike

I love FALL!! It so pretty. We went hiking over the weekend in Fort Collins. It was perfect weather and so pretty. Coop did awesome, he even took a little nap on the hike. I do feel kind of bad that Cody had to pack him along the hole time, it wasn't the easiest hike and Mr Coop is at least 23lds. But then again I carried him 24/7 for 9 months, so I only feel a little bad:)
 Cute boys!

We even saw a deer hanging out in the shrubs. He just laid there and stared at us. I think he thought we couldn't see him. I love seeing wildlife.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 Months old

This little man is 7 months old!! I cant believe it. I feel bad I skipped his 6 monther update so I will try and combined it with this one.
Things to remember through months 5 and 6...
-Cooper is now sitting up all by himself! 
-He is rolling over like a pro and will get to the other side of the room by rolling
-his first little tooth just popped through yesterday
-he had his first cold last week, not very fun at all
-he is eating solids now! He is a good little eater. I have read that most kids will stop eating when they are full but not Cooper. He just keeps eating!!
-He is a good little sleeper still, that being said he has now stop falling asleep in my arms so church is a fun one!
-he is SO CLOSE to crawling, I think in a few weeks he will be a little mover
-he has the cutest little giggle and is supper ticklish on his belly and under his neck 
-this little boy has had 4 hair cuts! These are cuts not trims! His hair grows so fast
-his favorite toy is my wallet and lip gloss
-the radio static still puts him to sleep so if he ever wakes up at night the radio goes on and back to sleep he goes
-he is still super big, at his 6 month apt he was 98th percentile for height and 87 for weight.
- his nick name is still peanut, it has been sense I was pregnant.

We love this little boy! Here are a few pics from the other night. He has food all over his face and his clothes look a little to small. He still looks super cute I think.

This little outfit was Codys when he was a baby! His mom saved it for him to put on his little boy:)

Utah Trip

Do you know what happens when you wait to long to do a post. I forget what we did! I went to Utah a month or so ago and its hard to remember what we did. Ill do my best.
I dared to do this trip with out my husband. He had to work and I really wanted to see my family so Coop and I went anyway. It was so fun. I was able to stay at my sisters house for a few days, it was fun to see how life is with four kiddos. In the evenings as soon as we got the babies to bed, say 7:00 we went shopping!! Loved it! There is just something great about going shopping with my family, you can always find the best deals and the cutest clothes when we are together.
We put all the kids in the fan and headed to my parents house in Utah, it was fun. It seemed like if her baby was happy then mine was screaming or vice versa:) Fillmore was fabulous! We got to play lots, eat great food, go to the apple fest, pick and make apple juice, and the boys got to go to the BYU game. 
I did bad a taking pics but here is a few...

 Cousins, Cooper and Alexander

 All the kids pilled in the van! They all look so happy:)

 A little bit of ziplining at the apple fest! I think it was more for kids but I couldnt resist.
 Got to love the hot pots!

 Nicholas showing us his cello skills!

So FUN! I cant wait to go back!!