Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Cooper loves the snow! We had an awesome snow man for a few weeks with all the snow we got. He became quite good friends with Cooper:)

We also went sledding for the first time! 
I am still a little traumatized from a sledding accident a few years ago and think sledding is so dangerous but if its a small hill with nothing to run into I'm ok with it.
Cooper loved it!! I thought we would go down once or twice and he would be done but he kept asking to go again and again! 

Big steps

Cooper is growing up! He is now in a big kid bed and potty trained!
He is loving his bed and is very good about staying in. It was a little weird having him hovering over my bed in the morning and saying morning mom! 

 He is also potty trained. WAHOO!! I was terrified to make this transition because you hear so many crazy stories about how horrible it is but Cooper did awesome. He was definitely ready and was fully potty trained in 2 days. I think the fact that he doesn't like anything wet or sticky on him was the reason it was so easy. 
He would make funny comments like mom I think we should put a diaper on me today. It a lot of work going to the bathroom on the toilet:) 
Yeah Cooper!! Im so PROUD of you!