Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pictures speak a thousand words!

This picture is of my grandma and grandpa Groesbeck on my wedding day. I just love it, it expresses everything I feel about them. It actually makes me cry looking at it. They have been the best grandparents ever! I have so many fun memories with them. They had 9 kids including my dad. We always do Thanksgiving dinner together. This is not a normal Thanksgiving dinner though. Sense the hole family comes plus everyones kids, there is about 40+ people there. Kinda a lot to fit around a table. So we go to the church lol:) And eat dinner there and play basketball after! Its so fun. 
I love you Grandma and Grandpa!! 

Saturday, April 18, 2009


The whole family was together! The picture was pretty tricky though because Jennifer the photographer is in the picture. It was fun she had to run back and forth after each picture. 
And if you look close you can you see who is holding the remote.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Family is so wonderful!! For Easter Cody and I were able to go to my sisters house where all of my family met. It was so great to be together!! We had so much fun! My sister Jennifer has the cutest little kids ever, it is so fun to watch them grow up and get so big and smart. I wish we lived closer to my family, so we could see them everyday! 

Little Essie ready to go on the easter egg hunt

My brother Jake and Essie at the soccer game. He is so 
good with kids. He is going to make a great dad someday!
Me and Nicholas, I LOVE him!!

Jackson, Jennifer and Thomas 
Looking for easter eggs. ( I think Cody hid them a little bit to hard for them)
We had to give pretty big hints on where to look and what to look under:)
                                   My wonderful mother!!! I love her so much
Cody makin a smore! Yum...