Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Yesterday we had a HUGE snow storm. It started raining around 2:00 and by 3 it was snowing pretty good. My boss sent me home early before it got to bad. I should have gone home, but I thought it would be ok to go work out really quick sense there wasn't that much snow. Bad idea, I kind of lost track of time and 2 hours later it was a total white out. I looked at my phone and realized I had missed many calls from my mother in law who was super worried about me driving home. (I live on a farm 15 miles from town)
Anyways I made it home with only making one wrong turn, then realized Cody was not home yet. I was pretty sure there wasnt much chance of his car making it through the foot of snow sense I had a hard time with the truck in 4 wheel drive truck but he was going to try. He was so close to making it home. He got stuck right before our house. It wasn't close enough for him to walk. He called me and said he was going to ask the neighbor to give him a ride.
I said no way, I can come get you.
He says, Kara Id rather you didnt. I dont want you to get stuck too
I say, Cody Im not going to get stuck, its less than a mile away.
He says, Ok then, be careful

So guess what:) ....

I get stuck:) I hopped in the truck and went to go save my hubby, and thought I was on the road. And I ran right into the ditch that was right in front of our house. I couldnt get in out. I could have just died. I had to call Cody and say. Babe guess what, um I think im stuck....

Lesson learned. I will listen to Cody because he knows best:)

Monday, March 22, 2010

Utah trip

Me, my mom, and Jamie
We were able to stop at my G&G Groesbeck on the way home. I love spending time with them. They are the neatest people in the whole world.
Grandpa showing us his truck he remodeled. It was pretty cool
Love Boone in this pic:)

We always have to make a trip to the hot pots.

I love going home. It brings back so many good memories. It was really short but we were able to meet up with a lot of old friends and spend some time with my family. I always feel like we have to go home way to early. Im such a slacker on taking pictures but this trip was mainly to go watch my friend Tami at her dance performance and I forgot to take my camera there. She did so good, I love that girl.
It was a great trip, I cant wait to go back!