Monday, July 6, 2009

Good and Bad

About a month ago, our little puppy got killed by a coyote. It was devastating, we loved that dog so much. We had him a little less than a year. I never knew that I could cry over a dog so much. We will miss Booka so much, he was a great dog.
So now we have a new dog. We got him two weeks after Booka passed away. It was so weird. I thought I wanted another dog so bad, but when we picked this dog up and he wasnt Booka and he acted nothing like him, I didn't want him. ( I know I'm so mean right). I thought if I got another dog than I would forget about how much I missed him. It didnt work that way though. Now that we have had this dog for a while, I really do love him and I dont want to give him away anymore:) He is going to take A LOT of training though!! He love to chew, bite, pee, and poo!! But we are glad we got him:) Oh and if you are wondering what his name is, he doesnt really have one quite yet, it keeps changing. It started out has Chewy, then Odey, and now Boone. So who know what it will be next week.