Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitchen Tornado

I think my nickname should be Tornado when I'm cooking in the kitchen:)
Because after I am done it looks like this!!!

Believe it or not this mess was constructed in less the 20 minutes of cooking:) I turned around and had to document. Maybe I can learn to clean as I go. 
ps. I just want to state Cooper did help contribute to the mess, it wasn't all me!

Story time

This is how story time goes almost everyday lately.

Sit down at start a fun book before bed...

Start the FIRST page...
Coop gets bored...
And he's done! 
What happened to the little boy that liked his books??


How many boys does it take to install a latch for  cabinet??
 First Cooper comes and helps...
 Then Boone...

  1. It is still not up and working so I think we need a little more help:)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Merry Christmas

I love Christmas! We had such a great time with family and friends. We celebrated a few days early with Codys parent. Cooper got very spoiled and loved all of his gifts. Then we head to UT. I decided to fly out a day early to get to my sisters bridal shower. Due to the 13'' of snow Cooper and I got suck in the airport for HOURS!! We didn't get to utah tell after 12:30am. The poor little baby was so tired but he was so good. The shower was so fun. We played lots of games and had a great vacation. The best part is my little sister got married (pics to come). The wedding was great, she was the most beautiful bride! Her husband Jordan fits right in with the family. 
 Opening presents with grandma mind!

 Markham boys
 Me and Al

 Play date for Cooper with little Reagan

 Skeet shooting
 Ipad for grandpa!
 Love our Kaci

 Coop got spoiled again by Grandma Groesbeck
 Love my little boy