Monday, May 24, 2010

Kitchen update!

This is how the Kitchen looked when we bought the house. Very ugly blue and maroon paint. With a great gold light fixture from the 90s:)
We Painted a nice neutral tan and got a new light fixture.
I got this clock in utah last weekend. It was priced at $65. I bought the display clock and talked them into giving it to me for $30. Im such a cheapy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yes, Poor Boone has to wear panties. He got neutered 3 weeks ago and now where they put stitches is infected. Poor little dog gets laughed at where ever we go.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


We are all moved in to our new house! All packed and moved in one week from closing day. I have decided I never want to move again. It takes to much time, I thought that this move would be easy sense it was only ten minutes away from our previous house. NOPE still wasnt fun at all. Although I am so glad to have a new house I am sad to be moving.

Things I wont miss, Dirt roads, having to drive 15 minutes to the closest store, mice that get into my house, no neighbors, having to dust and vaccume everyday from the dust of the dirt roads, never having a clean truck because of dirt roads, coyotes.

Things I will miss, Beautiful views!! Big windows, family really close, a gym 1 minutes away, place for the dog to run around, the lakes, lots of wildlife around(minus the stupid coyotes), the farm, the farm workers, free internet, no other houses around, privacy, our wonderful ward and my calling with the young women (I might have cried a little at church when I realized I wont be seeing then twice week anymore), running up to the inlaws to eat dinner, watch tv, play games, hangout. They have been wonderful to live by, Sunday walks around the country. ECT...