Thursday, August 25, 2011


Cody and I had our first experience calling 911 last week.
We were both fast asleep at 3am and got woken up to what I thought was a fire alarm. We both hopped out of bed and it stopped. It was definitely was going off but there was no fire. Then I realized it wasn't the fire alarm but the carbon monoxide detector. We figured it was no big deal sense it only went off for a minute and decided to go back to bed. But as I was laying there I had a bad feeling. I made Cody call the fire department and ask them what we should do. They asked a few questions and when they found out we had a little baby, they really thought it was best to come check the house out to make sure we didn't have a gas leak. So they asked us to hang up and call 911. We had to evacuate the house until the fire department came. Cooper was so good:) he just sat on my lap. He loved all the firemen, he even got a cute little stuffed animal. Anyways everything checked out fine, no gas leak. They left and we went back to bed. It was easier to sleep knowing we were safe. Coop was an angel, I put him back in bed and he went right to sleep. Such a good baby!
Then the next night the fire alarm went off at 1 am. We did not call the fire department. I went straight back to bed:) I hope this doesn't become a regular thing...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

5 month update

I was going to skip the 5 month update because I thought who ever is reading my blog is probably getting tired of hearing all about Cooper. But then I remembered why I am doing a blog is for Cody and I to look back on what we were doing. So im sorry if my post are getting a little boring, I will try and spice it up, we have a few trip planned so there will be something new to post about in a few weeks!
Here are some pictures Cody took of Coop...
Cooper LOVES his feet!! He will play with them all day. He even sucks on his little toes:)
We went to the mall last week and forgot the stroller and Coop is one heavy kid. Cody ended up carrying him like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder. Coop loved it!
Mmmm, hands.....
1st of many four wheeler ride with grandpa Ed on the farm!!

Our little man is 5 months old!! I cant believe how big and smart he is getting. I am loving this age right now. Cooper is so much fun to be around. Some things I want to remember about this month are...
-He is getting so good at using his hands. It was like one day he woke up and realized "hey I can use these things and grad those toys." Each day he gets more and more coordinated.
-Rolling over! He finally did it. He can roll over both ways now. I was really working with him on rolling over from back to tummy and one day he just did it all by himself. He does it all the time now, one minute he will be on his back the next I will look over and he will be on his tummy.
-He is SO SMILEY!! He will smile at anyone and everyone. This is one of my favorite things about Cooper. I just love his smile!!
-His hair is CRAZY!! I get comments everywhere I go. It sticks straight up no matter what you do just like Codys.
-This month has been really busy with hair for me. I am taking clients Mon-Sat instead of just Thursday and Saturday and Coop has been so good with watching me do hair all day. And my client love to play with him. I enjoy being busier.
-He is nursing every 3-4 hours during the day and taking three 2 hour naps. He is going to bed and 7:30pm and waking up at 8am. And sleeps through "most nights"
-He is getting way distracted while eating. Most of the time he will nurse for a minute get bored and smile and talk then go back to nursing. I hope this is just a phase.
-He had his first "food". Rice Cereal YUM! He hatted it and it made him so gassy and uncomfortable. So we stopped and I decided to wait tell he was 6 months and go straight to veggies and skip cereal all together, I think....:)
-Cooper LOVES Cody!! Cody is such a great dad. He really is a natural. He has been watching Cooper a lot lately when I doing hair or doing YW stuff.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

5 weeks old

These pictures are from when Cooper was 5 weeks old, he was so TINY!! My sister took them for me but my computer wouldnt read the disc she sent. So I finally got to put them up...

Family Photos


Poor Cooper was hungry and had enough of taking pictures

These pictures are from a month ago on the 4th of July. My sister Jen took them, she takes the best pictures. I would love to take photos half as good as she does:)