Friday, March 30, 2012

1st birthday

Happy Birthday to my favorite little boy!! I can not believe he turned one. I can't believe a hole year has gone by, I feel like I just had him. I LOVE being his mom!!
For Coops birthday we had a bunch of family over and had shish kabobs and watched a movie that I made  for Coop. It had all of the photos and videos I took through out the year. It took forever to make but turned out so cute! I may try and post it on the blog but its 40 min long so who know how long it will take to upload. I will try though.
Gotta love how everything goes in the mouth. 

He LOVES that bat, he will carry it everywhere with him. 
Cody's grandparents and parents.
Eating is one of Coopers many talents! So it did not surprise me that he chowed down on his cupcake:)

More presents!! He got so spoiled and loves all of his toys and clothes that he got.

So many toys!! he couldn't decide which one to play with.

My favorite things that this little guy is doing at a year old ...
-He is a busy baby! He is always on the move and doing something
-He eats like a champ, he can out eat a lot of the time
-He is such a social baby, he will smile and wave at everyone
-He will go to anyone, he has zero separation anxiety. Well not usually sometimes he will cry if I leave him and he is hungry or tired
-He is getting so close to walking, he will stand and hold onto furniture as he get around the house
-I nursed him for one year, YEAH!! This was my goal and I made it. In the beginning of nursing I really wanted to quit but I hung in there. Im so glad I did. Cooper is not cuddly at all. So nursing was the only time that I got to hold him where he actually held still. I LOVED that time I had with him. And I was actually really sad to wean him but I figured it was time. 
-He points at everything and will grunt if he wants me to give him something
-Loves animals
-He is starting to talk.( Dada, mama, ball, dog, this) and will sign "more"

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spray paint

Yeah for spray paint!! I wanted to replace these old brass light fixtures when we bought our house two years ago. But I couldn't bring myself to spend $90 replacing them, so I decided to use some spray paint. $6.00 later and they look brand new! I love them!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Family photos

My sister Jen is the best photographer!! I love the way she takes photos. We have a really good thing going. I cut her kiddos hair, she takes photos of my family! PERFECT!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Denver Zoo

First time at the denver zoo! It was so fun, I can't wait to go back. Cooper was in love with all the animals and loved every minute of it!
 The monkeys where probably my favorite, I would love to have a pet monkey!

 Cooper is pointing and waving at everything.