Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blue Man Group!!

Cody surprised me with an early Christmas present to the Blue Man Group! I was so exited to go, I have always wanted to see them live. The show was awesome, they were very original. I do recommend to spend the extra money for the tickets near the front because they do a lot of things with the crowed.
Cody's face makes me laugh, I think he was afraid of this guy:)
These two guys where the band. Drums and guitar I think.
Any picture I think I look ugly in goes to black and white, I think it makes me look better:)
Cody documenting the baby bump. This is week 28:) 12 more to go!!

Christmas time

Cody and Boone dog sleeping by the fire!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ugly Sweater Party

We went to a friends house last night for an "ugly sweater party". I had never been to one of these and didn't think it would be that funny to see everyone in ugly sweaters. But I was way wrong. It was SO FUN! It was hilarious to see all of the hideous sweaters that are made. Cody and I did not win the contest for the ugliest sweaters but we had some tough competition.
They also had a white elephant gift exchange. Cody and I had gone to a party last year where a guy brought a framed picture of himself, and it was so funny. We copied the idea this year and it was great! This funniest girl their opened it and about died when she saw what it was. She made a huge deal and said that the picture was going on her night stand:)
The night was full of a lot of games, and food. It fun to get together with friends. I am now on the lookout for ugly sweaters, because I am determined to win the contest next year:)

Cody and I in out ugly sweaters. As we were leaving Cody says " this is so embarrassing going to hang out with friend in ugly sweaters like this." But once we saw what everyone else had on we didn't feel so bad:)
all the girls...
This is the picture we framed in a 8x10 frame. He sign saying, "to my #1 fan"