Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Salon redo

Before... Sorry this is the only before picture I could find. I always forget to take them.


Ok, I really don't think these pictures do justice but I have know photographer so they will have to do. The salon make over turned out so good! Im in love. I really liked the salon before but it always felt a little cold and unfinished. So with some new paint, a rug and some new decor. It made a HUGE difference. It is still not done I have a few more things to replace and add but for now I am happy with the redo!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Climbing the rocks!

Me and a friend have been rock climbing a few times. This week we decided to get the husbands involved. It was such a fun date night.
(sorry the pics are not the best, I took them on my phone)

Thursday, February 9, 2012


I have like five posts I need to do before this one but I know if I wait I will forget what we did and things I will want to remember. 

We got to go to FL! Cody's cousin got married, so for our Christmas present his grandparents flew all of us out there. It was so fun, we will remember this trip forever. I'm so glad we were able to see Amanda and Nick get married. (and lay on the beach:)
PS, there are a lot of pics and I will add more when I get everyone else's photos.
 Coopers first time at the pool. It was kind of cold but he seemed to really like it.

 Cooper with great grandma Pat. She LOVES Cooper and Coop loves her!

 I have no words for this photo...
 PEANUT BUTTER BOY!! So the story behind these photos. We were out to dinner and baby Coop was fussy due to no naps. So I handed him a peanut butter packet, not thinking he would open it and get peanut butter everywhere. Whelp he opened it and peanut butter was everywhere. He loved it and even thought he was SO MESSY it was great because it keeper him happy while I ate.

 "no don't take it away"

 Licking his plate!

 The van! We rented a mini van for the week. It was great! 

 Day at the beach! We pretty much went to the beach everyday, most days were over cast but still nice and warm.

 Digging in the sand. Cooper really wasn't sure about the sand, if I dumped some on his leg he would hurry and push it off.

 Uncle Ryan. So some how Cooper always sat with Ryan when we went out to dinner and Cooper make a HUGE mess. Food is everywhere so it always looked like Ryan was the messy eater with food all over the ground:)

 I thought it would be fun for put Cooper in a hole, he hated it!

 Shane bug a huge hole, I called it a nursing hole for me and Coop. I never used it but it would have worked out great!
 KY with Mr. Coop. She was so good with Cooper and help out so much! 

 I have to put this in here because it was so funny.  But maybe you had to be there. I was showing Cody all the picture and he got the the ones at the beach, his comment was,"Oh Crap" 
"That is not what I look like" I'm Fat and White"
I think he looks sexy!!
 Ky and Al
 I love the pre photo when no one is ready.
 Another favorite comment. Ky says" Wow your belly button is so high!
I say " yes I know I have a freakishly high belly button" 
Ry " Well lets point out every ones flaws, I'm 5"6  

 Wedding Day!!

 This father daughter dance was priceless, I may have cried.

 Cutest cake ever! And the best cupcakes I have ever tasted!

 DANCE!! We dance the night away, it was so fun. I wish I would have had a DJ with dancing at my wedding.

 Cooper got to dance with the Bride!

 Peanut butter hat! PBH
 Grandma pushed Cooper up and down the dock probably 100 times, he loved it

 Late night beach walks.
 So i was very nervous for the flight. Its pretty long and I wasn't sure how Cooper would do. The way there he was AMAZING! Not a peep from Cooper, He so good. Let just say the way home was the opposite. After the flight I told Cody you would have to pay me $1000 to do that flight again. It was rough. 

The trip was so fun! I'm glad we got to go.