Sunday, December 23, 2012

Funny Convo

Oh Im going to be annoying:) Ive been to lazy busy to update my blog but I do want to rememeber these random conversations that make me laugh...

Me: Cody I dont think Cooper should be playing with that power drill.
Cody: Really...Why?
Me: Cant he get hurt playing with it?
Cody: Well of coarse he can get hurt, he got hurt this morning playing with his book.

Oh these random conversations make me laugh.

Ps. Im so exited for Christmas!!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Ok we have a mouse problem. I thought we got them all but this week they have come back with a vengeance. I guess thats what you get when you live in the country. 
This was Codys and my conversation that we had last night. I cant stop laughing about it. 

C, " Freak! They are trashing our house. (he is quite mad)
Me, "Who is trashing the house"?
C, " These stupid mice, they have made a home behind the fridge. They are acting like they own the place."

Any tips on getting the mice? Im getting tired of the little things.

Monday, November 19, 2012


Cooper has learned how to give kisses. He does it all the time. He will kiss all of his stuffed animals and give them hugs.
The other day I was napping and he came in and gave me a big smooch to wake me up:) 

Sunday, November 18, 2012


So I am sitting at the computer this morning writing a lesson on gratitude and also reading everyone FB post this month on gratitude made me think I need to right down and record what I am grateful for. 
Life is so wonderful and we are so blessed. I think by saying what we are grateful for out loud will help me realized my blessings even more. 
--Here goes my my gratitude list--
1.  The Gospel... This list will be in no particular order but I have to put the church and my testimony as number 1 because I really do consider that to me my greatest blessing. 
2. My family.... I love all my Family. I love the family I grew up with, I love the family I married into. And I love the family Cody and I have started. 
3. Cooper.... I know this goes with family but I do have to name some specifics. Cooper is amazing, being his mom is the best gift I have ever received. I seriously love every minute I get to be this kids mom. 
4. I am extremely grateful for Cody. Seriously Cody is the best husband ever. He has helped me grow up in so many ways. I'm glad I married my best friend and we get to be with each other for eternity.
5. My MOM and DAD.... they are the best parents ever!! My goal as a parent is to be just like them. I'm so grateful to have such great parents.
6. My In-Laws.... The next best thing to great parents is great in-laws!!
7. Our House.... I love our house. It is nothing extravagant or super fancy but it is beautiful. I feel so blessed to have a house to raise our family in.
8. Cars... Yes I love our vehicles. I love that they are reliable and that the car gets great gas mileage. And that they have working AC and Heat:)
9. Young Women... I seriously love working in YW. I have had this calling for 5 years in all 3 wards we have been in and I love every minute I get so be with those girls. I will cry when I have to get a new calling.
10. I am grateful I am able to work while staying home with Cooper. This is a huge blessing in so many ways! 
11. Pictures... I love looking at pictures. I am so glad it is so convenient and easy to take and save photos.
12. I am grateful for my health. I'm glad I have a healthy working body, I know someways it does not feel like its healthy while be so nausea's and tired due to being pregnant. 
13. Exercise.... I Love Exercise! Even more now that I have had Cooper. It like my mini vacation for the day.
14. Cody's Job... Cody's job is a great blessing. It is extremely flexible, we love his boss and everyone he works with. I love that he gets to work from home. And I'm grateful he makes the money to pay the bills and be able to provide for the family.
15. Friends... I love getting together with friends. I love playing games, watching movies and having someone to hangout with.
16. Sisters and Sisters In Laws... I was going to stop at 15 but I cant leave sisters off this list. I love my sisters. I call them all the time and am so glad be be such great friends with each other.
17. Brother... I only have one brother but he is great! I love Jake and am so glad to have a big brother to  pick on me.

There are so many more blessings I have in my life but I have ran out of time and I have to stop this post somewhere:)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Big Brother

Cooper is going to be a BIG BROTHER!! Yeah!!
(hopefully this explains my lack of blogging:)
We are so scared... EXITED!!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween!! 
Haha, Halloween is such a weird holiday. Lets dress up in a  costume and go get candy:) 
Cooper totally loved it! Well not so much the costume part but all you can eat candy part was awesome. I think he had about 5 suckers that night ( the most sugar he has ever had) And lets just say he was CRAZY when we got home. He was seriously bouncing off the walls. We put him to bed and he sat there saying crazy things forever!
Im also glad for church trunk or treats. So much better than going house to house in my opinion.
On the actual halloween night I asked Cooper if he want to go Trick or treating, he say "Yeah" Then I say do you want to put on your skunk costume . he says "NOOOO"
We stayed home:)

I hope everyone else had a great halloween!! I cant wait to see pictures.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Las Vegas Triathlon

 Last month we took a road trip to Vegas to participate in a triathlon. 
The trip was quick and fun! Leaving Thursday night and getting to Vegas on Friday. Running the race Saturday morning, getting the car brakes fixed, temple trip, dinner, walking the strip and leaving the next morning for a 12 hour drive home. 
 Checking out the lake we are about to swim in the next morning.

 Quick nap while the van got fixed.
Cody and I totally wore snorkels:) 
I'm glad we had Shane there. He has participated in one of these before and helped Cody and I out a lot.

 The swimming portion was by far the hardest part for me. I really did about drown. By the time I finished this I think Cody and Shane were about 20 minutes ahead. 
And I was too cheap to buy a really swimmer swim suit for the race, so I totally rocked my pink and blue flower swim wear from target:) I definitely looked like a beginner.
 Yeah Cody!

 Cody and Shane did great! I think Shane even took 8th place in his age division.
I'm pretty sure I took last place but I did finish:)
 Alyssa was our cheer leader! She was awesome. I saw her a few time during the race. It always nice to have someone cheering for you!
 Yeah for the finish line!

 We made a quick trip to the temple and it was so great.  I had a tender mercy there. Right when we got there I got a terrible migraine that hit me. My migraines are rough, they usually last all day. I was nealing across the alter doing a sealng and as soon as we said amen my migraine was completly gone.  That has never happened... Miracle!

Yeah for triatholons and having a great time with family!! I cant wait to sign up for another one.

Thursday, October 25, 2012


There is nothing sadder that seeing your baby super sick:(

When we got back from our trip from Vegas last weekend Coop was so sick. All he wanted to do was sleep and cuddle. That is the complete oppisite of him. It only lasted a few day and he is back to his energetic self. Glad I have my little boy back.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Girls Trip in AZ

How wouldnt want to go to Arizona at 95 degrees while back in Colorado it is snowing! This trip came at the perfect time. 
I can sum it up in three words



One of the perks for living in near Denver is that we get to go to a lot of shows. Codys grand parents took as to Stomp this month and it was fabulous!!