Saturday, April 28, 2012

Training time!

Cody and I with a group of friends will be doing this race in one month!! Am I stupid?? At the time of signing up I was so exited. As the event gets closer the more I am thinking, are you serious Kara!! But I am so exited. I havent trained for anything sense I was in high school. So it has been fun to actually have something to work toward and push me at the gym. Cant wait to tell you how it goes!

Update time

This is going to be a quick update on everything thats going on with us right now. (It may be a little boring for most people, sorry)

Life is great! We are all super busy with work and play. Codys job is going really good. I am loving the fact that he is working from home and I get to see him most of the day, even if he is in his office all day. My business is going so good. I love being able to work for home and take care of Cooper at the same time . It is working out really good for us. 
As for Cooper I can't get over this little boy! He is my favorite little guy in the hole world. He is at such a fun age. 13 months already! I can't believe how fast he is growing. Some things I want to remember about the little piglet our...
-he is SO CLOSE to walking!! it is going to happen any day now. Cody and I our leaving for a trip next week and I have a feeling it will happen when we are gone. But I've been prepping myself that I will problably  miss it.So maybe ill be ok if it happens:) 
-he has started the tantrums already!! I can't believe it. If i take away a toy (cell phone), or change his diaper when he is not wanting to. Watch out!! Some times it makes me laugh at how mad he can get at such a little thing that I am going to do if he likes it or not:) 
-loves, loves, loves the out doors! He would stay outside day and night, hot or cold if I let him. When I make him come in he gets so sad. 
-Still love his food! Some favorites this month and been cheese sticks, bananas, pbjs, and eggs. Eggs are definitely a favorite! For breakfast he can eat 4 eggs at least. 
-the way he asks for eggs is the cutest! I need to video it. He will blow and blow! The way this started is when every I bring the eggs over to him I will blow on the eggs because they are hot. Now he just starts blowing when he wants them:)
- wow he is busy!! He is seriously a busy busy boy! He doesn't stop!
-he loves his books. I read to him at least two or three time a day and he loves it. His favorite are books with animal in them.
-he loves hid dad! He says dada all day long!

Friday, April 13, 2012


I love going to musicals! We went to the show Wicked last night and it was amazing! We really lucked out on our seats too. We had originally bought seat that were really close but somewhat on the side. The seats next to us were not taken so we got to slide down. Cody said they were like $200 seat that we lucked out and got. The show was so good, I laughed to hard!
Thanks babe for the great dinner and a show!