Thursday, November 17, 2011


I really really doubt that this is a comfortable position to sleep! The first time I found him like this I figured he just couldn't figure out how to lay down and he ended up falling asleep like that. But that was a month ago and he continues to fall asleep like this A LOT! Lets hope he grows out of it:)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

8 months old

Our little Cooper is 8 months old tomorrow!! There has been a lot of change this month, I feel like he is no longer baby anymore. He is so independent and wants to explore everything!
 Some things I want to remember...
- He got his first tooth this month! Actually 2 of them popped through. I am not a fan of the hole teething baby thing. He will be SO fussy the day before a tooth pops through and the next day when I see the tooth it all makes sense. 
-HE IS CRAwLING!! Everywhere!! It is so fun to see him cruisin around the house. He is a curious little guy and he is supper fast too. I now understand the phrase "baby proffing" your house a hole lote better:)
-He is down to 2 naps!! Halelujah. I thought he would never be down to 2 naps. I love it! He is a lot better at being able to stay up longer too. Before if he was tired watch out! I needed to find a crib fast! Now he is a lot easier to distract, give him a new toy or hold him and I can distract him. It makes church so much better!
-Our new game is to blow raspberrys at each other. He does this by putting his bottom lip over his top and blowing. It is so cute! He does it all the time and then laughs after he does it:)
-sorry this is probably TMI but he is now a pooping machine! He use to poop seriously once every two weeks! It was great. Now sense he is eating solid he is going 3-4 times a day! I have to buy so many more diapers.
-This little boy can EAT!! I am always so suprised at how much he will eat. He is definately not a picky eater.

Im loving this age!! LOVE you Coop!


We are pretty lame when it comes to halloween costumes, I think Cody and I have use this costume 3 years in a row:) But we have been in three different wards so it has worked out. And this year we added a "football" to the costume aka Cooper! It was a great halloween!