Friday, February 26, 2010

Bad dog award

Just when you thought you had a bad dog...You read this and realize he is an angel

On Monday I was sewing some stuff for church and wasn't paying much attention to my dog. I thought he was being a good boy because he wasn't bugging me.(I now have learn quite is bad) just as I was about to finish I saw my dog and he was covered in BLACK paint, along with my carpet. I ran into the kitchen to grab a towel and came back to him drinking my chocolate milk. So I hurried and called the vet to see what I should do about him eating paint and chocolate milk. She said just to watch him and he should be fine. After I knew he was ok, I was so MAD at him . I then started cleaning up the paint that was all over my carpet, on the couch, on the kitchen floor, in the bathroom, and all over Boone. After many hours of scrubbing with my good friend OxyClean I got it all out. I was so happy to go to bed and went upstairs and I found pee in my bedroom:( I was not happy at all. I called Cody (who was out of town doing work stuff ) and told him he might not have a dog when he gets home.) Boone is a one of a kind dog, very naughty! I think its some cruel way of preparing me for kids. Although people tell me kids are going to be much harder.

I hope this post doesnt make you not get a dog, because he is very fun, just a lot of work.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Hello everyone, I feel like its been a really long time sense I have posted anything. January has been a really busy month. Here's some things we have been doing...

* We have been house hunting . It started out being a lot of fun and I got so exited the first time we went to go look at houses. I found the dream home that I had to buy, and before we were able to put an offer on it someone else got it:( I know I was so sad. Then two weeks later I found an even better home, this time it was just a little over our budget and they wont go down on the price. After that incident I am ready to be done. I cant wait tell we find a house.

*I turned 21 YEAH! I work in the morning that day, then my in laws took me to a movie, then Cody took me to the melting pot.( It is a fondue restaurant.) It was so good! He surprised me with a cruise. Which I was really exited for, but sense he didn't book the tickets. I may have talked him out of it so we cant put that money toward the down payment of a house. I don't know though, I could really use a vacation.

* GYM! We found a great gym to work at. When we moved to CO we decided not to sign up for a gym membership(because Golds Gym robbed us) and just use Cody's parents gym that has a treadmill, a bike and some free weights. Well lets just say Cody probably used it once a month. I uses it about 3 times a week but I got tired of it. We did P90X also, which is a great work out video! Anyways Cody insisted if he was paying for a gym membership it would get him to work out. Its been working so far, he has been faithful on going 4 times a week.

Sorry there's no pics and I kind of just wrote some random things. I hope everyone year is going great!