Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 I think its about time for some pictures of Cooper. My friend wanted to do a trade for me to do her hair and she took some pics of Cooper. I love doing trades! The pics turned out super cute! I could stare at pictures of Cooper for hours, he is such a photogenic little guy. I love all of his expressions he does:) 
The many faces of Coop!

part 5

 Last day!!!Im so glad the last day was a day at sea because I got super sick. Not fun at all, I think I sleep for about 18 hours that day and was in the bath room the rest of the day. It was a good day to be sick. 
I loved Zoran! He had the coolest accent and was so friendly. He kept our room so clean and gave us chocolate ever night:)
Miss america!!

 Frog legs

                                 the last dance!!!

 Headed home!!
 We had a few hours to kill in florid before our plane took off so go coarse we headed to the beach! 

 I found this cool looking jelly fish, I had know idea what it was and probably would have picked it up if Shane didn't shout out" don't touch it". 

Our grama car rental!! 
What a fun trip I can't wait to go back!!