Friday, September 30, 2011

6 Month old Photos

My sister Jen takes the best photos!! She took these of Mr Coop last week. I LOVE them!


--My Favorite Girls--

First food

 Oh geez the pictures are backward! Oh well...

Cooper had his first taste of food!! He had plain yogart. He was pretty sceptical of if and made a funny faces every time he had a bite but just kept eating it. He has now had spinach, avacado, brown rice and sweet potatoe. He still makes funny faces when he eats and gags because of the texture. He is so fun!!

Friday, September 23, 2011


I am long over due for an update. Our computer is out if room to upload photos, so it feels weird doing updates w/o pictures. There will be a hole bundle of posts if when we get our new computer!
Here is a little update on what we have been up to....
Cody is still working as a financial rep and working so hard. It is not an easy job that comes with a lot of stress but he is so good! He is such a hard worker and really loves what he does. Im glad he is smart and knows what to do with money because if it was up to me I would have a checking account and savings account and thats all:) 
Our ward boundries changed and we got put into a new ward. I am a little sad to leave our ward but Im sure I will make friends in the new ward. And Ive already spotted some younger couples that should be our friends:) Cody got put in as a sunday school teacher for the youth and I got put back in the YW presidency. I wouldnt know what to do if they put me anywhere else:)
Im a still doing hair and I absolutely LOVE working from home.  Im doing about 2 -3 clients a day and staying very busy with it. Its a perfect balance for me to stay busy and not get to stir crazy staying home all day. 
(Here is my venting session) My body is falling apart! This week I found out I need glasses I cant see. Found out my back is very messed up and will need a lot of work done to fix it. Found out my jaw is crucked and I need braced (again) for two years to fix it:) FUN... Oh well hopefully I get it all fixed when im young and wont need anything else done when Im older.
Cooper is doing great!! We love being parents! I cant believe how smart he is getting. It seems like he learns a new trick every day. 
I hope to get caught up with post soon!!!