Monday, June 18, 2012

Cooper Update

Ok I must really be in a blogging mood for some reason. 
But I think its time to do an update on Mr. Cooper. 
This summer is the best! Cooper LOVES to be outside, he is out side all day long. I feel like as soon as he turned one he just grew right up. He is no longer a baby at all. He is super independent and is into everything. He is the sweetest thing ever. 
He is SO CLOSE to walking. He can walk! But he is still pretty wobbly and will only take a few steps at a time.
He is super smart, he has started to copy what I am doing. For example I was washing the walls and I look over at him and he is washing them too:) So cute
He is super social and smiley still. He LOVE people and loves to get attention. 
He has finally slowed down on the food and is actually getting a bit picky. His favorite foods as of now are #1 eggs! Grapes, Raisons. And he has recently found his sweet tooth. I am pretty good at not giving him sweets but if he gets a taste of something sweet just plan on sharing because he LOVES it.
He is getting lots of teeth too, his back molars are coming in and they are not fun! I feel bad when he is cutting a tooth. For him and however has to be around the guy:)
He really is not talking all that much but he is still pretty good at communicating what he wants

Its super fun to watch him grew up and learn. 

Another Anniversary

Number Four!! 
I can't believe its been four years of marriage for us. Life has changed so much in these 4 short years. I love being married. I think I was born to be a house wife. I love to cook, clean and make the house cute and most of all I love kids and LOVE being a mom. So marriage really suits me.
This year we celebrated with our usual sushi restaurant and it was Divine! Seriously it is the best sushi you will ever have, we go there every chance we can.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers day

Cod is such a good dad. I love to watch him being a dad from the distance. There are many times where I will stand in the door way or watch out the window and see him reading and playing with Cooper.  He is so loving. He reminds me a lot of my dad in so many ways and I love that. 
Thank you for being such a great dad and husband Cody!
Happy fathers day!!!

Progress... maybe

 I think I have made some progress on this huge project of mine and then I look around and realize I'm NO WHERE CLOSE TO BEING DONE:(  But maybe one day.

The process of tearing down that horrible 70s wallpaper.
 I found a great way of heating it up with my blow dryer and it comes of pretty easily. I pulled off all of the drawer and the bathroom door. But I was not thrilled with the wood underneath it. So i decided to prim it and paint over it. It is lifting in areas so I either glue it back on or peel off if necessary. I don't really care if this is perfect. If I want perfect I am going to need to gut the entire thing and rebuild it. Or better yet we would buy a brand new one with our millions that we have sitting in the bank:) haha

Taped off and ready to paint with primer!

 I really under estimated the painting process. I figured a day of two tops. NOT EVEN CLOSE. It took a day of to just to tape it off! There are so many nooks and crannies, to paint around . Its a pain in the butt. As for paint colors I am at a cross roads. I would love to do a nice light color to make the area feel bigger but I'm afraid of the dirt showing. 

Spray painting all the hard wear. I was going to replace it all because it was old and ugly. But as I was shopping around I could not find anywhere that sold these safely lock things. All of the newer model rvs have a locking inside the cabinets. So it looks like I'm stuck with these one. But a little spray paint will help them out a bit.

Seriously I love this little helper! He is so cute. He copies my every move:) He helped me wash the walls, pull down wall paper. Then I looked behind and he had the screwdriver and was sticking it in that hole like he as fixing it!:) 

Camp trailer

I GOT A NEW TOY!! I'm so exited to have this!! I have wanted a camp trailer for the longest time and I finally found this beauty on craigslist.

 I'm such a cheapy and try to bargain shop everything, This camera was posted for $1800. We went and checked it out and got them down to $500! I was thrilled. It is definitely old and nothing fancy but I have big plans on making her beautiful! 
Her are some pictures of inspiration I have found online! 

 This is what I have to work with....

The plans for now are to:
-Paint interior and exterior
-new lights
-new cushions
-new curtains
-fix plumbing
-replace propane tanks
-rewire lights 
-stock with camping gear

This is going to be the never ending project!! Seriously... I have already put over 30 hours into this. Just tearing down wall paper and painting and cleaning and I am no where near done:( But I am certainly enjoying it and we are going camping this week to break her in. I can't wait! I will keep you posted on the progress of the transformation!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tough Mudder

We finally did our race!! It was so much fun and we survived! The race was definitely challenging and LONG (12+ miles) but was so much fun. Im so glad we did it. 
It was really fun to have something to train for. I love to exercise but if i have something to work toward I will push myself a lot harder.
 Here are a few pics. I tried to steal some from online but I think they are to small blurry to see really well. 

Katie is the best!! Her and her hubby ran with us and made it so much fun. She is the nicest person I have ever met and so much fun to be around.  Glad she was there to keep me smiling through the 4 hours of race.