Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Here is what Cody said this morning that still has me laughing...
Cooper had a MAJOR explosion in his diaper this morning! I mean HUGE, he was sitting in his bumboo and when I picked him up it was everywhere. I was laughing so hard. I called Cody to come and take a look. His words were "HOLY COW! Where did all the poop come from. When people said there kids had explosions I was thinking maybe a little poop up there back not all up their back, down there legs, everywhere! That is disgusting.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Im not quite sure if I can say I have a green thumb, I just plant things and hope they grow:) This year I have tomatoes, strawberry's, raspberry's, spinach, pees, cucumbers, cilantro, carrots and cantaloupe. My goal for this summer is to learn how to can and preserve some of it. I love gardening and seeing my little veggies grow!

Saturday, June 18, 2011


I never ever thought I would ever eat poop!! Well it happened, I ate poop. I know GROSS! Here's how it happened...

Cody, Cooper and myself went out to ice cream with some friends. I was happily eating my ice cream and noticed I had peanut butter on my fingers. There wasn't a napkin around so I just thought I would lick it off. Well lets just say that it tasted NOTHING like peanut butter. I was confused at first thinking what else could it be?... I lifted Coop off my lap and check to see if he had pooped. Sure enough he had a massive explosion and poop was spilling down his leg. Then it hit me! I had just eaten POOP!! Cody and our friends where dying,, they could not stop laughing. I thought it was pretty funny to, but on the way home it really started to gross me out. My stomach was starting to hurt just thinking about how gross that was.
Cody was laughing and said," well ate least when you say that tastes like poop, you will really know what you are talking about:)"
Lesson learned, never lick my fingers again!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

3 months old

Wow, I cant believe 3 months has gone by. I feel like we just brought Cooper home from the hospital 2 weeks ago. Time is flying by, he is growing up so fast!!
I never understood why parents always say kids grow up so fast but I really understand now. It needs to slow down!! I'm afraid I'm going to wake up one morning and realize he is 2 years old and wonder where my baby went:) But then there are the days where I catch myself wishing he would be older so I can sleep all night with out having to feed a baby, or where he doesn't have to take so many naps so I can leave the house for longer than an hour. I catch myself and try to remind myself in a few years I will probably be wishing he would nap and wishing I could hold and cuddle with him at night.
I cant believe how much he has learned and grown in 3 short months. Here are some things I want to remember about Mr. Coop....
*He loves to talk! Recently I will put him in his crib for a nap and he will babble and babble right up to the second he falls asleep.
*He is still sleeping a lot. Are day usually goes like this
7:30 Wake up, eat
8:30 nap
10:00 Wake up, eat
11:00 nap
12:00 Wake up and eat
1:00 nap
2:00 Wakes up and eats
3:00 nap
4:00 Wake up and eat
5:00 nap
5:45 wake up eat get ready for bed
7:30 BEDtime...
And the next day it starts all over again!!
* I was complaining on day that I wish he would just take 2 really big naps rather than all these small ones through out the day and the next day he would not nap! He was up from 12-6 with no sleeping, he was a beast!! Not happy at all and I could not get him so fall asleep. So I will never complain about short naps, I will take them. He is so alert and happy when he is awake and as soon as he has been awake for and hour or so he is ready to sleep, and he lets me know it. One minutes he is happy little boy next minute he is screaming little baby!
*He is getting to big!! he is weighting 16lbs!! and wearing his 6 month old clothes.
*He is super strong! He is holding his head up like a pro, he is wanting to stand all the time too.
* He hasn't rolled over yet, well not in fort of me. My mother in law was watching him the other night and said he rolled over twice. It was kind of bitter sweat, I was super happy to hear that he rolled over, but sad I missed it. Then Ed said he may have been on a slight hill and his hand was under him. So I'm not counting it:) And he hasn't done it sense, I think it was gravity!
*He is always smiling! He has the cutest faces he pulls, he will wrinkle his nose and kick his feet when he gets really exited.
*Night sleep...well he use to be doing really good. He would wake up once around 4 or 5am to eat. I was feeling really good and thinking he was going to make it all night long one of these days. Then out of nowhere he is waking up every 2-3 hours all week!! I'm exhausted and praying so hard that this is just his 3 month growth spurt and it will all go back to normal. I really hope so, I get really crazy w/o my sleep.
*I love to watch him sleep. My favorite part of the day is when I go to bed, I will go nurse Cooper one more time. He is asleep when I do this. I just pick him up and he nurses while he sleeps pretty much. I love it. He is so peaceful
I could go on and on. I just love him so much. Its fun to be his mom. I cant wait to see what the next 3 months bring us...

1st Hair cut!!

It was time! I have been dying to cut Coopers hair from the moment he came out. Im suprise I lasted 3 months:) He looks so stinking cute with his new hair, I cant believe how much older he looks with it!


He is always folding his arms like this!

Can you say CHUBBY!! I love this photo, I cant believe how chubby he looks, he is on the verge of fat!
I just love that smile!!

I cut off quite a bit of hair for his first hair cut. And I cut off all the dark stuff, his hair is coming in blonde now. Im guessing he will be completely blonde in a few months.

Silly Boy

Cooper is so funny!! A lot of his day is spent sitting in the boppy watching me clean or eat. I was eating breakfast yesterday morning looked over and saw Mr. Coop doing this:) He was looking a the wall behind him! He did it a few more times that day, he is so funny!

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Dang, these pictures went on backwards but I'm to lazy to fix them...
This weekend we did our first hike of the year with Baby Cooper. It was great! The weather was perfect, and the hike was so pretty. I love hiking. Cody did great carrying Cooper, when we first started he started complaining that his back hurt. I told him try carrying him every day for 9 months:)
I hope we can figure out how to go camping with a baby this summer. We may just have to barrow and RV, or if I can talk Cody into buying one. I think it would be a great purchase. He just laughs whenever I bring up that we should buy one.

Story Time

We have just started reading stories to Mr. Coop! Its so cute he stares at all the pages and really likes it.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I really cant believe Cody and I have been married for another year! This anniversary was #3, I feel like some how we skipped #2. Life is going by really fast.
We had a wonderful date night (w/o baby cooper) to celibrate starting with SUSHI for dinner (our favorite), walked around and shopped in a few stores, got some ice cream at spooners! It was so good, came home and cuddled under a blanket while watching the fire works.
Wonderful anniversary! Love you Cody!!

Friday, June 3, 2011

More pictures...

I'm just letting you know, this blog is going to be full of pictures of this little boy from now on... These are some pictures my sister Jen took over the weekend. She takes the best photos, I could look at them all day.
Jamie and Cooper! She is so good with kids, she is going to make a great mom!
Mr. Cooper neck cheese! This stuff is gross, and stinky! I swear I bath him and wash his neck regularly but he always seems to get neck stuff going on.
Look at that double chin!! He is chunky:)

I love to make him smile. His favorite word is HOLA', whenever I say it, he get a huge smile on his face!