Friday, June 21, 2013

First bath

Oh my goodness!! Can he get any cuter!! 
Treagon got his first bath and loved it. His hair is so so soft and I touch it so much it gets greasy fast. So I am washing it all the time. He loves it:)

Thursday, June 20, 2013


I just love my mom! There is know one better to teach you how to be a mom and take care of a little newborn.
My mama got to come and help me the first week after I had Tray. It was so fun. She cooked more food than I have cooked the entire time in Tx and it was all so good. 
She got to spoil Cooper and hug on that sweat baby. She got very little sleep. Trey had his days and nights confused when we got home and she stayed up with him all night and let us sleep. I told her it was because he wanted to spend all the time with grandma before she left.
It was so nice to have her here and to spend time with her. I cried like a baby when she left. I wish we lived closer and could see her whenever I wanted:)
Thanks for all your help mom!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

First Day

I can not believe how fast the newborn stage goes by. I look back through Coopers photos and I swear I only have a few and wish I had taken more.
Treagon will be well documented because I love going back and seeing photos and hearing what life was like and I think our kids will like reading this too:)

These where taken at the hopital on day two. You are so TINY!!
The hospital stay was rough very little sleep and a lot of nurses popping in and out.
We were to ready to get you home!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Labor and Delivery

Ok, so I know this post will probably not be to exiting for some but I love reading labor stories and I want  to document the unforgettable event before  I forget details:)

It all started Monday morning... Cody and I headed to the hospital. I was 9 days overdue and my doctor wouldn't let me stay pregnant any longer. 
I did not want to be induced, I have read way to many books on natural labors and how horrible induction is and everything that can go wrong when you do.
So I was determined to go into labor on my own. The night before I came to turns to the fact that this induction was going to happen. I was a bit nervous, Cody gave me a blessing and I was instantly comforted and new everything would work out.
The induction started off with my doctor breaking my water and hopes that labor would start from there. She broke it and she let me walk around and see what would happen. Two hours later and nothing at all... She said pitocin was the next step. I excepted realizing if I wanted to get things moving and not be in labor for days this was the right step. 
Well it worked alright. Contractions started kicking in and were getting intense fast.
They asked if I was planning on getting an epidural and that was a for sure yes:) 
Last delivery I really wasn't planning on getting one and tried very hard not to. Lets just say after 24 hours of labor and pushing I was exhausted and regretted holding off on the epidural for so long. It was so nice to be able to relax and save some energy. And the experience was still so amazing and unforgettable.
So this time I did not wait:) She asked if I was ready for one, the contractions were painful but I was handling them ok. So I said oh sure within an hour would be fine. 
Well things progress because as soon as she left it got intense. With pitocin and no water bags those contractions were so strong. Cody is so sweet when I'm in labor, he did everything he could to help me and keep me calm. I wasn't to scared knowing the epidural was on its way.
But after an hour they still were not there. I sent Cody to go find that guy and get me my drugs:)
The epidural as great, I was shacking a lot because of how much pain I was in but he got it in.
I think the epidural was put in when I was a 5 and it was maybe 2 or 3:00 (I really am not sure, time goes by so fast during labor) I figure ok a centimeter and hour and thought ok baby will be born in about 5 hours.
The nurse came into check me and was like yeah we can start pushing in about 30 min. What?! I thought, that is was to fast. I hurried and called my mom and told her to head to the hospital.
As soon as my mom got there and the doctor arrived the nurse had me do a practice push to see how things look. 
The doctor was getting set up and her eyes got huge and told me to stop pushing... Ok I thought.
She was now ready and with two more pushes Treagon was out!
It was so amazing, I kept thinking this is to easy. Child birth is suppose to be hard. I wasn't scared or in pain. I was not exhausted. I was enjoying and taking in every second of this. I watched him come out and I reached for him, falling in love instantly and crying as I held in in my chest.
This is one of the best feelings in the hole world! It felt like heaven having him in my arm and having Cody by my side helping me the hole time.
Child birth is truly a miracle and I am so grateful to have Treagon and to be his mom. 

New arrival

Treagon D Markham has arrived!!!
He made it here on June 10th at 4:53pm weighting 6 lds 9 oz.
He is so so perfect!! We are in love with him and so happy he is in our family.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grandma visits

Who loves your kids as much as you do?? GRANDPARENTS:)
Grandma Markham came and stayed with us in Texas for a few days and it was so fun!
Cooper and I loved the company. The days consisted of shopping, eating, and playing with a two year old. (oh and I got to sleep in and take a nap daily :) It was so fun to have company.

 Train ride at the mall, Coop was in heaven and has not stopped talking about it.

Saturday, June 1, 2013


Random picture dump...
Shopping with Cooper is so fun. He is my little bud and he is really good at the store. He is very particular with his space though. He hates it if things are touching him and in his area. Can you tell by his face he was not thrilled out this shopping trip:)