Saturday, November 23, 2013

Helmet boy

So this little guy had to get a helmet. 
When he was 4 weeks old I noticed that his head was super flat on one side. We found out the little guy had torticollis in his neck which was causing him to consanely sleep on one side making his head flat on one side.
We did lots of physical therapy for the next few months and resolved the toticollis in his neck but his head was needing a little help rounding out. Ofter many doctors appointments we got him a sweet little helmet that is helping his head round out.
It is amazing how fast it is working. His head looks so much better already! He will have to wear it for 3-4 months and his head will be perfectly round!

Photo dump #2

October photos dump...

First bath together

These guys had there first bath together and it was all laughs and giggles. It is so fun seeing these two together!

Super Cooper

This picture deserves a post all to itself:)  
Oh this boy cracks me up

Photos dumps

I am way behind on blogging all my photos, so these next few posts will just be a dump of photos of your life the last few months!
Milk drunk:)

Cheese cake factory yum!!

Date Night!

Happiest baby in the world!

Dyed my hair for the first time!! Its been a fun change

Sleeping angel

One of my favorite things about Treagon is that he will sleep in my arm! By the time Cooper was 6 weeks old it was near impossible to get him to sleep with out a crib or a carseat. 
Holding a sleeping baby feels like heaven! I love cuddling this sweet boy!