Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What a wonderful birthday I had yesterday! I finally turned 20. 
It was such a great day. Cody took me out for sushi (my favorite). Then we went to his parents house and ate cake and played games.

This picture is when we were
on our way to a swing dance program. It was GREAT!

I live in berthoud colorado
I LOVE to cook
I work in a hair salon full time
I love my family
Im kind of a blonde (meaning i say dumb things)
I cant wait to be a mom someday
I really like to work out
I hate laundry with a passion
Me and Cody got married 7 months after knowing each other
My mom is my best friend
I dont like hamburgers
Im not very good at spelling
I love to laugh
I am the sunbeams teacher for the primary
I love camping
I push snooze about eight time before i wake up
I really enjoy dancing and watching it
I was a fire fighter one summer
Id rather eat dessert than dinner
I love the gospel!