Monday, April 22, 2013


This is Coops and my day as of lately...
We get to play all day long and we love it!

Bike rides!

Ice Cream

Park Dates

Watching TV in your diaper:)

Sun bathing...

When the idea came up of going to texas, I was thrilled about the first 10 weeks here. 
Cooper and I are having a blast. I am really enjoying all the extra time I have with no job, no house to take care of and no church calling. It frees up a ton of time!
Coop and I are hanging out at the pool, going on walks, making lots of yummy food. 
Cooper is learning his colors and shapes. I have met some really nice friends and have play dates with the kiddos. 
I will enjoy this luxury for now because I now with this new baby coming in a few weeks I am going to have a huge adjustment! 

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I would say the time I miss family the most and get a little home sick is around the holidays. 
This Easter we were all alone in Tx and had a great day. 
We were invited over to a friends for dinner last minute and I had already bought things for our own dinner but you cant pass up good company. 
That day at church I noticed a new family (with two little babies) that had moved in and they said they got to texas today and went straight to church. I told her I was bringing them Easter dinner. (figuring sense they went to church the day they got there they probably werent going out to eat on sunday) Cody and I managed to get home from church and make ham, baked potatoes, rolls, salad and cookies in less than an hour and take it to them before our dinner with our friends.
They where so thankful and Im glad we were able to help out.

Coop got spoiled and he had his first Easter egg hunt and caught on real fast that the eggs had candy in then and found ever egg we hid. He love it! He still is talking about the candy eggs:)


Our first little trip in TX was to Oklahoma with some friends to there grandparents cabin.
It was to fun! We got to shoot guns, eat lots of food, golf, play games and watch Cooper chase the poor cat around the house.

Suprisingly Cooper does a pretty good job at steering. He is obbseeded with trucks!
 He has turned into such a cuddle bug! I love it. When ever you hold him he will lay his head on you and bubble. He is so sweet!


Cooper has become a bit obsessed with hat lately. He insists on wearing it all the time.
He looks way to cute in it.

Hehe, nothing is cutter than a naked kid running around with a hat on:)

Saturday, April 20, 2013


We got a FISH!!! 
We had to leave our sweat puppy Boone home and we have missed him so much.
Coop was asking for him every day, so we I decide we needed to get a fish.
I have never had a fish before and was a little exited to get this little guy.
He is so easy to take care of (a billion times easier than a dog) and Coop loves the little guy.
Friso (thats what his name is but Coop pronounces it Choco) is a nice addition to the family!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Date night

With Cody's job for the summer we have limited time together. He is working Monday-Saturday and doesn't get home tell almost 9pm. Except on Saturday, we get him at 4:00. 
So that means date night!! Our first destination was to get some good old tex-mexican.
La Hacienda, was so Yummy!!!

Thursday, April 18, 2013


I will let my kids play whatever sport they want but I will definitely hint and secretly push on my favorites. 
Basketball would have to be my favorite sport to watch and I sure hope Coop likes it. He is pretty keen on it now. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Black Mail

Oh boy, this picture does not do this crazy kid justice on how ridiculous he looked. 
We did a target run one night and it was late so Cooper was in his PJ's. Cody was in charge of the kid while I shopped. I could hear some kind of commotions coming from the near by aisle and then I see Coop sporting a pink sunhat and a pink water bottle running around like a crazy kid while Cody was chasing him. 
Really it was one of the funniest things I have seen. Cooper was very sad when I told him we couldn't buy the pick hat:)

Thursday, April 4, 2013


We saw these little puppies at walmarts parking lot and had to stop.
They were so so cute. Cooper was seriously in love.
He kept saying mine, mine.
I think he really enjoyed that the dog actually didn't run away from him. Most dogs no whats best for them and run. This guy was to little to know better:)

Like father like son

Coop is obsessed with his little sun glasses. I'm surprised he actually likes them. 
I hate wearing sunglasses, the only reason I do is to ovoid getting wrinkles from squinting.
If the sun is shinning in the car, Coop is asking for his glasses.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

2 years old

This little man had a birthday!! He is TWO years old. 
I really have know idea how this year went by so fast. I hope it slows down soon.
We had a little birthday party in CO with family right before we left. He got so many fun new toys and LOVE all the attention.

Baby Shower

 Right before we left CO, the young women and leaders through my a suprise baby shower.
It was so nice of them. Baby Markham got spoiled! 

 All three YW leaders pregnant within 2 weeks of each other. 


Yeah for Utah!! 
Cody needed to take an exam at UVU and I decided to take off with him. 
It was such a fun relaxing little get away. I got to hang out with Jamie a ton, see my parents and Jake and Kaci. Eat lots of good food and spend lots of time with Cody. 

 Lipstick shopping with Jamie, We decided to be brave and try bright pink.
 I totally got mine and wear it all the time. 

 Dollar theater movie with my babe!
Cody and his In and Out addiction.

I'm sad I didn't get any photos at our friends house. But I did manage to get one of there precious little baby that I held the entire time we were there. It made me super baby hungry. Good thing I will be getting one of my own in 8 weeks:)

Oh and the good news about the trip is Cody passed his test. 92%, yeah!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pregnant buddies

 Its always fun talking about pregnancies, its even funner when your both pregnant.
Me and Alyssa were 13 weeks apart ( I think). 
These little cousins will have so much fun together!


Cooper had his first dental apt. 
He looked way to old while he was getting his ex rays done. He didn't even cry (for that part).
I couldn't go back with him sense I am pregnant but he did so good.
As for the cleaning and exam, he hated it. The hygienist in my opinion didn't take the time to make him feel comfortable and made me hold him down while kicking a screaming. Horrible. finally I told here to stop and we could just see the dentist.
His teeth look good, Although we have his front tooth chipped do to a bath tub fall but no cavities and all his teeth look healthy!