Sunday, February 27, 2011


For my birthday this year Cody surprised me with a weekend get away to Florida! It was a much needed break for us. Most of our vacations consist of visiting family which we love to do. But it was nice to travel somewhere new and just be with each other.
The weekend consisted of staying with friends in Miami for a few day and then rented a car and drove to Naples and staying with his aunt and uncle for e few days. We spent lots of time on the beaches and seeing different sites.

On the plane!! Exited to be leaving CO
This is a park called Shark Valley. It was so fun, I had never seen an alligator before and there was hundreds all around just walking around with out cadges. I was pretty scared of them and kept telling Cody to back up.

Florida was full of the neatest wild life. These birds were so cute, this one was drying his wings in the wind.

This gator started hissing at Cody for getting to close.
Walking down south beach Florida. We made a special trip to visit Miami Ink to get a picture.
We found Boones brother.
South Beach
Sexy Cody

This is the view from Mike and Brittney's place that we stayed at. They live on the 27th floor in an apartment. They were so nice to let us stay with them and show us around Miami.
So pretty
Soaking up as much sun as possible. Unfortunately it was so cold to get in the ocean.
Cody loves his Apple product!
We went to a very richy mall in Naples. It was full of stores like Prada and Gucci. The only thing we purchased was some ice cream, I'm sure that's the only thing we could afford. It was fun to see all the fancy clothes and then look at the prices. I look at maybe just buying a wallet, then looked at the price and it being $300.
Watching the sunset on the ocean.

Cody dug me a little hole for my belly to go in so I could lay on my stomach.
8 Month Prego.

The rest of the pictures aren't downloading. . . to be continued

Boone Dog

Here is a post dedicated to Boone! Cody downloaded all of his cell phone photos onto the computer and I would say 80% are of Boone, here is a few of my favorites.
We love our little puppy!

The day we bought him, he was so cute and fluffy!!
First hair cut

On a walk and he decided to take a break in the lake to cool off
This is how cute he is every morning when Im trying to make the bed.
Cuddle time with Boone!

Hiding in the closet, I think he was in trouble for something...

This is a classic Boone hiding under the bed! If I say hippo or if we make a fake or real farting noise he will go straight under the bed:)

Cooling off under the shed.
PANTIES!! He had to wear for a week, poor guy got teased a lot for these.
Kissing Cody!
Boone being a noodle. He will sleep in the wierdest positions.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Here is one of many pictures to be posted of a recent trip to Flordia. My computer is being dumb and I cant get the pictures uploaded yet, hopefully soon before baby markham arrives.