Sunday, September 19, 2010

New Callings

You gotta love new church callings. Sometimes they are what you want and you are super exited for the new task and other times you may grit you teeth and say yes. And you are relying on the Lord to help you out because you are not sure if you are cut out for it.

When Cody and I moved into our new ward I got called as the activity chairmen. I had no idea that meant I was over the whole activity's committee. I said yes to the calling somewhat exited and then asked who is the the president? Bishop laughed and said well that's you. "Oh No" is what I was thinking:) But with a few tears and lots of praying for help, I got released a month later and put into young women's. Little did I know the next day at church Cody got put into my old calling. So I'm feeling like I have both callings now:)
All will work out, and we are more than willing to serve in our church callings. And I know if we put our all into these calling we will be blessed.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor day weekend

Labor day weekend was great! All the Markham's came home for the long weekend which always means lots of food, games and late nights.
On Thursdays the girls played beauty shop. Kylie and Alyssa came over and we colored hair, waxed our faces and got some glitter toes. It was a lot of fun!
Friday we had a BBQ, Mindi made her famous ribs and corn on the cob. Once it got dark we went and roasted some smores. Saturday was wedding day, we had a family friend get married in Denver. It was beautiful!! The best part for me was they had an open bar, but it was all alcohol free. They were called mocktails. It was fun to be able to try all the fancy colored drinks:) This is always sad when this happens, but kind of funny too. At the ceremony during the wedding, they had two brides maids faint. It wasn't funny at the time but I get a pretty good chuckle thinking about it now.

Im always mad at myself for not taking enough pictures. But here are a few that I did get.

Roasting some smores
Shane holding his dog like a baby:)
Biggest marshmallow ever!
Ed is so funny. He got marshmallow in his mustache.
Alyssa and Shane. Gotta love those pants:)
The girls and our puppies

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

One of the reasons why I love him!

I love my Cody!! He is the nicest person I have ever met. One of the things I love about him is when he surprises me with gifts. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. Just today he brought me home a "surprise."He gets this cute smile on his face when I beg him to tell me what it is. He got me a key, its in the shape of a guitar. Not really quite sure why but it was cute non the less. He has also surprised me with carpet cleaners, jewelry, money for me to spend. My favorite surprise was on our first anniversary I thought he might have not gotten my anything because I was being sneaky and watching the debit card to see if I could catch him getting it:) but on our anniversary he gave me a beautiful necklace. He had bought it for his wife when he was 16 in Mexico. He told me he has a lot more things he bought his wife before we met but he will give them to me through out our life. He is precious.
And this one of the reasons why I love Cody...