Monday, March 31, 2014

All things Trey

This post is for Treagon! He is growing up to fast to keep up with. 
He is 6-8 months old in these photos and is the sweetest thing you will ever meet.
I have never met such an easy going baby. He is very go with the flow and is so content all the time.
He started crawling at about 7 months old and is everywhere. He is fast and quiet, I loose him a few times a day and usually find him in coopers room playing with toys.

 First swing ride was a hit! Despite the photo he smiled and laughed!
(cooper was terrified of the swing until like last month so I'm glad this one is a fan)

 This baby LOVES his daddy! Cody is the baby whisper. He is so good with him and can make him laugh so hard. 

Poor kid has such a big bummy I can't keep it covered up. 

He also started solids! He is a fan of food. He has never liked to nurse so I thought he wouldn't care for solids but I was wrong. He LOVES FOOD! He is a good little eater. 

 He is also a very good sleeper. He can sleep through just about anything!

Poor kid always has a goose egg. He has gotten use to his helmet and does know how to protect his noggin if he is not wearing the helmet. Hopefully he figures it out sooner rather than later

This kid loves his blanket! He sucks on it to fall asleep.

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